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I know, you are going to live forever, you have no desire to leave anytime within the next 100 years, so why would you even bother making out a will. It's a morbid thought, only rich people make out wills or people that are over 90! A lot of people think this way, maybe you!

I am preparing, just in case, you never know, one of those, "when pigs fly", could land on my head and what would my family do with all my junk? Not that I would care or could, if the unspeakable happened, but my poor family! They wouldn't have any idea where to plant or scatter me, depending upon who ends up with this hard desision, that someone HAS to make!

I have seen families divided for the lack of a loved one preparing a will! A cousin of mine underwent great anxiety and stress when her mother passed. The family fought and are at it still. My step daughter was killed in a car accident, left no will, her so called friends broke into her house and took the items that appealed to them, her EX-boyfriend took her diarys, that SHOULD GO to her 6 year old son later, she was not let to rest for 10 days after her death because her estranged mother took control of the arangements off and on, off and on, off and on. My beautiful step daughter now rests in ashes somewhere in her mothers house, which is definitely the last place on earth that she would want to be resting, but she left no will.

Please make a will! Do it for the people that you love! Get insurance on your home so that it will be paid for at your death, put important papers in a safety deposit box and tell your benificiary. Make plans, so that all the plans then, aren't arranged by the person or people in your life that you wouldn't give your signature to on a blank piece of paper, if your life depended on it now! Your loved one's are going to have a hard enough time, if and when your time comes, so, PREPARE A WILL!


"May your family be in peace, when you are resting."




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