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My sincere thank you for taking the time to look through my pages and feeling that my thoughts and words are worthy of your awards! My words come from my heart. When my words seem to be good, my heavenly father helped. When they are bad, I wrote them on my own. Only he truly knows the difference. I am honored to display your beautiful Awards here and hope that all that pass through these pages will visit your sites, as well. Thank you again!


Award given me on January 8, 2000

Thank you so much Enchante'! What an honor!



Award given me on November 4, 1999

Thank you very much for this beautiful Award, John!



Award given me November 1, 1999

Thank you BearBassHunter for your wonderful Award!


Award given me October 24, 1999

Thank you for a wonderful Award, Mr. Doug!



Award given me August 17, 1999

Thank you, it's beautiful, Jackie!



Award given me July 24, 1999

My sincere thanks to Dan!



Award given me July 19, 1999

Thank you so much, Judy. You are too sweet!



Award given me July 19, 1999

Thank you again, Judy and Purrs n Furs!




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Song playing is Love Is Like Oxygen-Thank you Glenn from Glenn's Midi's

"Love is like oxygen.. you get too get too high..not enough and you're gonna die..Love gets you high!