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A Season For Reason

To measure a season takes time and thyme is a measure of season.

The words placed in order give meaning, sublime is the message for reason.

How do I reason a Proverb?

Have I a reason to seek,

The answers to secrets before me,

Or should I follow the blind while they lead?


Blind leaders can make light appear to be seen, in thier follower's eyes

And they will follow this beam into hell, as it seems

Forgetting the angel of darkness can pretend to be also of light.


A splinter, a beam or a rafter,

In the eye sure does hinder one's view,

Take heed of the Chess match in check now!

The crashing fall of earth's Kings coming due!

content by Felecia 2000




Reading My Mind

A loved one may inject quite a sting, causing us stress, but not really meaning a thing,

They may appear not to care how we feel, or notice their actions gave us quite a spill.


"Indeed, how dare they not see, the scars upon this heart inside of me!

Why don't they acknowlege they hurt me so, they can read my mind, so don't they know?

They must have known just what I felt, those words my aching heart was dealt.

Their actions, that they failed to see, how could they do this thing to me?

They go on acting like nothing's wrong, we visit casually and we carry on,

But thoughts and feelings tear my soul, and they pretend they still don't know."


This way we act, as if we're all the same, just different bodies and different names,

We think that other's can read our minds, that my thoughts are theirs, but their thoughts never mine.

We're afraid to speak what needs be heard, and we listen to another's every other word.

So easily, our thoughts we hide, our feelings, wishes and pain held deep inside?

Since we sometimes feel this distorted way, we may take things wrong, as some will say.

Some families falter, friendships may fail, love may leave us and tears follow our trail.

Can another know what I need to hear? Are people reading minds, on this earth right here?

Was this a gift that God gave mankind, that everyone can read my mind?


"I have to speak things, that are important to me. It's true, my thoughts no one can see.

I will calmly tell loved one's how I feel, and I will also listen to their words, for real.

I have found we're different, you and I, and you really may not know what makes me cry?

I once thought all knew me through and through, and I wondered why I couldn't read your minds, too!"

content by Felecia 2000



I remember looking back when I was a kid, I couldn't swim at all, but I sure wished I did.

Well, one day daddy took me down to the creek, Out to the middle, where is was real good and deep.

He said he'd teach me how to swim that very day, He was sure I could do it, and to listen for three words he'd say.

I saw his eyes twinkle, as he gave me grin, I was screaming when he pushed me away, and I heard "Sink or Swim."


So many times we hang on to someone, Afraid of sinking to the very bottom,

Or we may be the one that others' cling to, We are their rope and they stick to us like glue.

At times tough love is needed, just like is was back then.

It may hurt a bit to hear the words, "Sink or Swim."


My memories remain of lessons learned that day, I soaked up those little words that daddy chose to say,

But, for a while I overlooked them and I wasted several years, On a bond of broken promises, that brought nothing but my tears.

I became your lifeline, being held on to desperately, From your great fear of drowning in a kaleidoscopic sea.

And then the words came flowing into my memory once again, We were crying when I pushed away, and I begged you, "Sink or Swim."


So many times we hang onto someone, Afraid of sinking to the very bottom,

Or we may be the one that others' cling to, We are their rope and they stick to us like glue.

At times tough love is needed, just like is was back then. It may hurt a bit to say the words, "Sink or Swim."


A couple of years later and now here you are by me, Swimming like the fishes for all the world to see.

We touched bottom and then came up, the lonely struggle made us grow, Others' are less fortunate, this lesson they don't know.

I wish that everyone could learn that love's always worth the pain, And share tough love with someone afraid of drowning in life's rain.

Sometimes we have to let go and maybe push our loved ones in, To teach a loving lesson to "Sink or Swim."

Copyright By Felecia 2000





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