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A man got himself in an embarrassing fix,

One summer night drinking, he got himself lit.

Half dazed and beer breath astinkin,

Could not find the keys to his Lincoln,

So he stumbled down the road to find home,

Falling in mud and thorns quite alone.

He awoke in the morning to laughter and chatter,

Trying to see what the heck was the clatter.

The neighbors had gathered there close to the barbwire,

His drawers were there caught, his face red as fire.

Now, I must say that his behind wasn't in them,

The man began crying, his wife had to help him.

She flew from the house to stop all the laughter,

She tugged on the drawers and had a few giggles after.

The man couldn't figure, just how this took place,

His drinking must stop, there's beer on his face!


So now, I will tell you, it made him stop drinkin!

But, the story is not the way that you're thinkin.

The wife was so cleaver and this is no doubt,

She was eager to turn her man, from being a lout.

The man was most modest, when it came to his clothes,

When hanging the laundry, his underwear were never exposed.

The wife would hang them in the house on a rack,

For his great fear the neighbors would see them and laugh,

So the woman worked a plan for this drinking spree,

She would put his drawers out for the neighbors to see.

She knew that he would not figure the truth

He'd never suspect, he was not much of a slueth.

It just goes to show, things aren't always the way it may seem,

Our minds can be tricked to believe anything.

content by Felecia 2000



Upon this earth, perfect were they placed

In a garden paradise, is it not true?

And there within, his purposes told,

For the earth and future children of the two.

On the fertile ground, blessings to pour,

Abundant food for all to see.

No thistles growing to suffocate,

Man's work, fullfilling it would be.

All people living in harmony,

With even animals of water and land,

No sickness or death to strike,

Nor old age of woman or man.

Generations would make the garden grow,

Soon the earth, covered would be,

A paradise for humankind,

From sea to shining sea.

And once the two had filled the earth,

As they were told to do,

A time would come for birth to cease,

As his desires would have come true.

But, as we know,

This garden did not grow,

For the two were forced to leave.

And for the earth and all mankind,

Fullfillment of his purposes, is yet to be.

His words and purposes do not change,

What he speaks, he will see through,

And his promises are becoming very clear,

That he succeeds at all he plans to do.

content by Felecia 2000





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