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What Is In A Name?

I think I'll send a gift to my sister and the note will simply say, "This is for you sister, please respond so I know you got it in the mail today."

I won't leave my signature, but the mail should get it there, for I put upon the package To: Sister, Handle it with care.

Oh, silly me, I can't do that for I have sister's, not one, but four. After thought, I see that there are many sister's and the post master wouldn't know who's sister it is for.

The word sister is just a title, I guess, like doctor, father and friend. So I must use my sister's name, when a letter or gift I send.

Even the stars were given names, by the one most high, as we read in the Holy book. Jesus told us that his father has a hallowed name, you will find it, if you look.

What is in a name is asked and such a pleasant response forth came. "We would not know we were summoned in a crowd, if no one spoke our name."

content by Felecia 1999




A small and precious child hides underneath his bed.

He listens to the screams of his mommy echoing inside his head.

His daddy came home mad again and beat him black and blue,

And now daddy's hitting mommy and he cries for her boo boos too.

Later daddy falls asleep and mommy comes to comfort him,

She says that she will make it so he will never fear again.

As the years pass by, his daddy he does seldom see,

And he is torn by choices of the man he wants to be.

He wants to be a good man and never cause anybody pain,

But he gets angry often and feels enraged time and time again.

Will he become a man of peace or of evil causing fear?

The inner man is soon revealed by reflections from his mirror.

Written for abused children everywhere. content by Felecia 1999






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