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Heart Of A Poet

Thoughts and words flowing forth endlessly,

From our hearts that journey upward to the mind,

And once there, captured inside an invisible quill,

Inscribing to silken pages of woven design.

Many manuscripts can be found in this library,

With no shortage of it's safekeeping space,

And no end, of bound volumes, we see here,

That fill the intricate shelves in this place.

Age and time will impair these fine pages,

The hidden ink will become faded and gray,

So the poet in us, must face moths and the dust,

And write with true ink, what our heart did first say.

content by Felecia 1999




A smile is such a small thing,

When compared to indifference and hate,

But a smile is most contagious,

It softens hearts and anger it abates.

Like dropping pebbles in the ocean,

And watching ripples reaching far,

Just one smile dropped in the sea of men,

Will ripple back to where you are.

content by Felecia 1999



A Child's Laughter

  He heard a child's laughter

Across the fields of fresh cut hay.

But, his eyes caught sight of a man at work

On this hot and sultry day.  

Then a comely woman did appear

As she rose above the hill

She held flowers in her calloused hands

Caused from long hard work and will.  

She approached the man and spoke to him

With a softness of no other.

He kissed her softly and then took his rest.

Ah! The child's father and dear mother.  

But the joyful child is where,

As the observer looks around?

Where did the music of youth go,

Was it the just the wind making wishful sound?  

Then the observer smiles with gleeful joy

And laughed just as a child may.

For his memories have taken him home again

Where he can run and laugh and play.  

content by Felecia 1999 - Written by inspiration of Walter Westfall - Please visit his wonderful poetry and prose pages at Walter Westfall's Poetry and Prose




Background made by Felecia