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It's lonely here in my life,

Emptiness all around.

The rain is falling quickly,

But calmly to the ground.

The happiness I felt is drowsy,

That day has gone to sleep.

The sun will shine tomorrow,

But when will tomorrow be?

content by Felecia 1999 - written in 1983 during a sadder time in my life



Do you see what I see?

I don't think you do.

Do you hear what I hear?

I don't believe you want to.

Our joy, our life

Going with the rain.

Our bond has no meaning,

Only pain.

content by Felecia 1999 - written in 1983 during a sadder time in my life



The fall of night comes quickly

The love I have grows dark

My eyes are slowly seeing

The day that we will part.

I'll stay just a little longer

In hope that you will show

The love you say you have for me

If not, I must then go.

content by Felecia 1999 - written in 1983 during a sadder time in my life





Walking through the woods, looking for a reason.

Praying to be happy, finding out a deep dark secret.

Hoping for a new day, laughing at myself,

Guilty of love, having no one else.

Asking for an answer, forgiving all the bad.

Regreting not at all, wandering why I'm sad.

Taking all I can, begging for your love.

Loving what is good, watching stars above.

Drying my tears

Day is through,

Leaving torn apart,

I love only you.

- written in 1983 during a sadder time in my life




Imature in thoughts of love, a pulling seeking, selfish needing. A search for self in another's eyes, where age matters not for the lost and greedy. Once in search of myself, too, peering for me in someone's soul, his quest the same, as time revealed me, but to him unveiling would not show. For he was trapped inside his chosen poison, failing fierce at love and life, drawing breath from my own being, draining from me his very light.

I cried for strength and understanding, and was given as I asked. I found myself and love's true spirit, flying to my heart content, unmasked. Still, his poison grew in anger, pulling him from sober thought. He had not strength to go alone, and I the power to stand him, not. Some say a weakness kept me there, but for I, true love is never ending. For it seeks the needs of others, and so my prayers for him, was sending.

"May he find himself in his great darkness, And allow him peace within, My prayer sincere from deep inside me, I must not save our bond, but him."

He totters there while back I hold him, from this deep pit of his own making, with just a small and tiny thread that goes unbroken, tho close to breaking.

"Send down a rope that he may grasp, and give me strength to take off this ring. The shards of red glass inside my chest, my own heart's sharpness will cut the string."

And I cried as he screamed within his darkness, begging me for the string again, but love for him would not allow it. My strength and will I must maintain.

And now he stands outside the shadows,

holding onto God's rope tight,

Still being pulled from that pit of darkness,

And seeking strength within the light.

content by Felecia 1999





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