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Seek Until You Find


To ponder who am I, but a speck upon a tree..

In a world of dust and molecules, with others, just like me.

We question what path we came from and are in search of the one we'll go.

Few will find their answers, while most will never know.


For the narrow path is hidden well among thorns along the way,

And many go around the thorns and frolic as they may.

They see no need to search as if a treasure they will find,

They are content with what they've heard and set upon their minds.


The path most choose is not the one that we were told to trod,

For our instructions say the narrow path has the answer roses of God.

This path, I know has many thorns and boulders to be moved,

But, it's worth the cuts and bruises to find our answers sweet and true.


We are to love and help each other moving obstacles from our sight,

To beautify this trail for those that seek with all their might.

So for all of those that have the will to seek until you find,

Your questions can be answered if you keep this thought in mind


Our instruction book is abundant with secrets to unload,

We must do more than read it, we must figure out it's code.

Only then can we gather all the parts for our heavenly shears,

To cut away the many thorns that have tangled our path for years.

content by Felecia 1999





I received a fine gift, months before I was born,

A room filled with love and empty pages, untorn,

and wooden carvings, sealed doors and unwritten books,

hazy paintings, winding stairways and light in its nooks.


I have spent most my time in this room, that I love.

I give thanks to my father, looking down from above,

for helping me fill this room with fine things,

the Joys and the Memories that a treasured life brings.


I thought I had studied the room best as could,

but 3 years ago noticed an old door of fine wood.

Its knob was of Emerald, the keyplate of Jade,

Rainbow light glistened off a key, as it lay.


I bent over and reached to the key on the floor,

when a voice whispered softly,

It's time, you are ready,

Now, unlock the door.


My hand started trembling as I took the key to the hole,

but, I turned it ever so gently, and pushed the door very slow.

The room was a child's, with a box high on a shelf.

No way I could reach it, no, not me by myself.


The voice came again and said call the box to you.

I did, but I dropped to the floor as it flew.

The box burst apart and pages of pictures I saw

and there flashed before me a Red Ruby wall.


I spent quite sometime in that room it now seems,

Iv'e read pages that some have interpreted as Dreams.

But I know that those pages have been bound in a book

in my room with its open doors, written pages and lit nooks.


The room, you may ask, is where, in my mind?

Yes, I will answer, and the door was locked for a time,

but gave way to Memories that were once hidden away,

in a box, on a shelf, awaiting the day,

when a child would be grown and ready to see,

what her heavenly father hid and locked away with a key.


content by Felecia 1999

Gold key made by Felecia-Please do not take!






Background made by Felecia