"Nations war to protect their own and in the quest for world wide peace, young men battle for liberty and life, knowing soon their own may cease. Prayers ascend from foxholes, from two soldiers on opposing sides, begging God to grant each victory and for another day of life. Whose prayer is heard as incense, traveling far into the wind, for these two are spiritual brothers, their same faith has made akin. Is the hearer of prayer partial, to his children around the earth, choosing sides among the nations, listening to prayers for bloody birth? One young man will die today, and a thousand may yet still, brothers killing spiritual brothers, can this be within God's will? The question poses thought, and desire to search our own faith through, to determine if we worship with brotherly and neighborly love, as we were told to do."

Written by Felecia


Hello and welcome to my pages! Kids are safe here, and should be at all time! I hope the pictures, poetry, backgrounds, animations and words add enjoyment or at least ammusement, to your circus!

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